1-Light It Up: Lighting is key! Utilize natural light whenever possible. Avoid harsh overhead lights and experiment with golden hour for warm tones.


2-Rule of Thirds: Imagine a grid on your screen (most phones have a grid option). Place your subject at the intersecting points for a balanced composition.

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3-Get Focused: Tap the screen to set the focus on your main subject for crisp, clear photos.

4-Background Matters: Keep it clean and simple. Busy backgrounds distract from your main focus.

5-Crop Don't Zoom: Resist the digital zoom! It reduces quality. Get closer physically or crop later to maintain sharpness.

6-Embrace Angles: Don't be afraid to get low, high, or find creative perspectives to add visual interest.

7-Steady Does It: Hold your phone firmly to minimize blur. Utilize a phone tripod for extra stability.

9-Clean is Key: Keep your phone's lens spotless for crisp, clear photos.