1-Light is king:Aim for golden hour (sunrise/sunset) for dramatic light and long shadows.

2-Mind the weather:  Stormy skies, fog, or mist can add an interesting atmosphere.pen_spark – 

3-Get down low:Get low to the ground to add foreground interest and depth to your photos.

4-Compose your shot:Use the rule of thirds to position your subject off-center for a more dynamic composition.

5-Leading lines:Use natural lines in the scene, like a winding road or a river, to lead the viewer's eye into the photo.+

6-Fill the frame: Get close to your subject to fill the frame and capture details.

7-oreground: Include a foreground element, like rocks or flowers, to add depth and context.

8-Background: Pay attention to what's in the background and avoid distractions.

9-Editing: Edit your photos to enhance colors, adjust brightness and contrast, and crop for better composition.