Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Price & Review

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Pre-orders |Price & Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is still quite fresh, having just been released in November 2023. While there are early reports and user experiences, it’s still too early for a comprehensive review. However, I can share some of the key features and highlights based on official announcements and early impressions:

Overall Design:

  • All three models (S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra) feature a flatter design compared to the S23 series, ditching the curved edges for a more modern and boxy look.
  • The bezels are thinner, especially on the Ultra, giving a more immersive display experience.
  • Build quality remains excellent, with the Ultra boasting a titanium frame for enhanced durability.


  • All models sport Dynamic AMOLED 2x displays with vibrant colors and excellent brightness.
  • The S24 Ultra leads with a record peak brightness of 2600 nits, making it ideal for outdoor viewing.
  • Refresh rates remain at 120Hz for a smooth user experience.
Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-orders


  • The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip promises significant performance improvements over the Gen 2.
  • RAM options reach up to 12GB on the Plus and Ultra models, ensuring smooth multitasking.
  • Storage options go up to 1TB on the Ultra, catering to power users.


  • The S24 Ultra shines with a monstrous 200MP main sensor, potentially offering incredible detail and low-light performance.
  • Telephoto lenses offer improved zoom capabilities, with the Ultra reaching up to 10x optical zoom.
  • Video recording remains impressive, with 8K capabilities on all models.


  • Battery capacities are slightly larger on the S24 and S24+, potentially addressing battery life concerns from previous models.
  • The Ultra retains its 5000mAh battery, which is already quite impressive.
  • Charging speeds remain unchanged at 45W for wired and 15W for wireless, which might be a disappointment for some users.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Price & Review

Samsung Galaxy S24 series Software:

  • The S24 series comes with the latest Android 14 with Samsung’s One UI 6.0 on top.
  • New software features focus on improved privacy, multitasking, and customization options.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 series seems like a solid upgrade over the S23 series, with improvements in key areas like design, performance, and cameras. However, the lack of significant charging speed improvements and the hefty price tag might deter some potential buyers.

Early impressions:

  • Users generally praise the improved design and display quality.
  • The cameras on the Ultra seem impressive, but thorough testing is still needed.
  • Performance improvements are noticeable, but not groundbreaking.
  • Battery life seems improved on the S24 and S24+, but the Ultra might still struggle with heavy users.

Samsung Galaxy S24 release date

While the exact release date hasn’t been officially confirmed by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series release is most likely around January 17, 2024. This prediction is based on several factors:

  • Past release patterns: Samsung typically releases their flagship Galaxy S series phones in January or February. The S23 series, for example, launched in February 2023.
  • Leaked information: Several reputable sources, including tech influencers and Korean publication The Elec, have reported a January 17th launch date for the S24 series.
  • Unpacked event rumors: There have been rumors of a Galaxy Unpacked event happening in San Jose, California in January, coinciding with the expected launch date.

Therefore, while not officially confirmed, January 17th is the strongest contender for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series release date. Keep an eye out for official announcements from Samsung in the coming weeks for confirmation.

S24 Price

Starting Prices (estimated):

  • Galaxy S24: ₹72,990 ($899)
  • Galaxy S24 Plus: ₹89,990 ($1,099)
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: ₹1,19,990 ($1,199)

Factors to Consider:

  • Regional variations: Prices can vary depending on your country or region. For example, US prices might be slightly lower than Indian prices due to different taxes and market factors.
  • Storage options: Higher storage capacities typically cost more.
  • Carrier deals and discounts: Retailers and carriers might offer discounts or bundled deals at launch.

What we can expect:

  • No major change compared to S23: Some sources suggest Samsung might keep prices similar to the S23 series, meaning no significant increase or decrease.
  • Ultra might be slightly higher: The top-end S24 Ultra could see a small price bump due to expected upgraded features like the 200MP camera.


  • Keep an eye out for official announcements from Samsung closer to the launch date for confirmed pricing.
  • Compare prices across different retailers and carriers to find the best deals.
  • Consider your budget and desired features before deciding which model to purchase.

I hope this information helps you estimate the potential price range for the Galaxy S24 series. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions!

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